Plants For A Sensory Garden.

Please could you give me some advice on what plants to put in a Sensory Garden?.
You need to consider the senses you would like to develop in the garden in basic terms this comes down to 4 which are as follows:
1. Touch – for this a number of plants can be used such as Euonymus Alatus for its corky bark, Betula Jaquemontii for the main stem,
Stachys silver Carpet for its leaves.
2. Sight – sight is in colour mainly but can be combined with movement by using such plants as Eucalytus Gunii or salix trees which provide both colour and movement,
3. Sound – mainly comes from wind a few good plants to use are large leaved bamboos such as Phyllostachys Bissettii or Hornbeam grow as a tree or hedge
4. Smell – is best combined with a touching experience so using plants that has a scent in the leaves is a good idea such as Rosmarinus or other herbs such as lemon balm or mint. Lavender is another good plant to use.
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