Problems With Moles In The Garden.

If you have ever had problems with moles you will be aware just how hard it is to control them.Arriving from almost thin air you wake up one morning to mole hills. It only takes a couple of days to turn your perfect lawn into a scene from the “battle of the Sohm”.The gardenadvice team are often asked to advise on mole problems,this article is a summary of the advice.
Earthworms attract moles.Lawns are an ideal hunting ground the worms are near to the surface and the network of grass roots supports extensive tunnelling. Establishing a centre the mole or moles will work out digging several feeder tunnels. Once the basic network has been formed they sit back and wait.With an excellent scenic of smell and hearing they can detect a worm up to 5 metres away.As the worms work through the soil they drop into the moles tunnel and become another tasty meal.