Pruning Lavender Plants.

The lavender plant (L. angustifolia) should be pruned every year to keep them compact.On established plants, remove flower stalks and about 2.5cm of the current year’s growth, being careful not to cut them back into the woody stems.Also make sure that some green growth remains.

Pruning is undertaken in late Summer after flowering,although in Spring pruning is recommended by some.

L. Intermedia(Lavandin)and the less hardy L.Stoechas can be pruned after the first flush of flowers.Once pruned,a light feed should be applied,such as ‘Growmore’ Garden Fertilizer.Most garden feeds will be suitable,except high nitrogen feeds which will cause soft lush green growth.

Lavender does not shoot readily from old wood.Established plants do not usually transplant and it is better to buy a replacement.

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