Setting Up A Lawn Spreader For An Application Rate.

Many people email the team asking for assistance setting up a lawn spreader with regards to application rates.Firstly you need to look on the side of the box or bag of fertilizer you have and see if it recommends and application rate per square metre or yard.Next using a garage floor or any dry clean floor spread out some newspaper covering about 4 square metres.Then set the spreader to a setting in the middle range of the settings bar,fill with some fertilizer and push over the paper to spread a sample of the fertilizer.Sweep up a area of a square metre and weigh it this will provide you with the application setting rate the spreader is currently set at.Then you can increase or decrease the settings on the spreader to suit.
When finished sweep up the remainder of the fertilizer on the paper as this can be used on the lawn.
Remember when using a spreader to apply lawn fertilizer its important to half the application rate and spread with two applications in two directions to make sure you get a good coverage.