Storing Bulbs And Re-Using Spring Garden Bulbs.

As the main flower season for bulbs comes to a close its a good idea to take a few simple steps to ensure that you get the best flowering next season.
As the bulbs start to die back they make the flower inside the bulb for new year so its a good idea to feed you bulbs with some Growmore fertilizer

You in many cases you can leave the bulbs in situation i.e in the ground or in pots but where you have to lift the bulbs wait as long as you can before digging them up,if you have to dig them up whilst they are still green tie them together and hang them in a dark place such as a shed or garage.When they are dry store the bulbs in seed trays not to many in a tray to allow the air to circulate around them.Place then in a dark corner and keep an eye on them for fungal and bacterial growths normally shown as a grey mold. Remove any infected bulbs and treat the remaining with a sulfur powder.Then in the autumn you can re-plant the bulbs again to flower in the following spring.