Sweet Peas From Seed.

How to grow Sweet peas from seed:
Sweet pea seeds have a very hard and thick coat so before sowing some preparation is needed. Chit the seeds by nicking the seed coat with a knife or rubbing the seed on some fine sandpaper or against a brick wall. Then soak in water for 12hrs, this will break the seed coat and allow moisture to enter the seed and start the germination process.
Sow in seed in seed trays or a single seed into a 50mm pot, if sowing in seed trays you will need to prick out the seed into 75mm pots once they have grown to 75mm high in the seed tray. Its best to us a soil based compost John Innes compost seed or number 1 compost, ideally the temperature needs to be 16 degrees C(61 deg F) for the best germination rates.
Pot on the seedlings into into 75mm pots, once they have grown to grow on to 100mm, that this stage they will need to be pinched out at the top to encourage side shoots.
Harden off in a cold frame and plant our in April,March.