Toadstools And Fungi On Lawn.

When you find toadstools in a lawn,there are generally two reasons why. Firstly, your turf has too much thatch.This is the dead matter that builds up at the base of the grass plants and forms a mat which often makes the lawn spongy to walk on.In this case you need to remove a significant quantity of the thatch and then reduce the amount of fertiliser you are applying.

Secondly,there is buried organic debris under your turf,such as old pieces of woof from a tree branch buried when the lawn was created.In this case, using a spade,dig under a clump of toadstools and look for the debris.If it is there,your toadstools are growing from that,not your turf.

Most Toadstools and Fungi are often harmless and in the garden carry out an important job of recycling organic matter in the soil.Currently,there are no chemical treatments to remove the toadstools or fungi.

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