Wall Trained Magnolia.

My deciduous magnolia, which is around 10 feet high and trained against a wall,has displayed brown margins around most of its leaves.There are a few holes in the leaves,but not many.No pruning has taken place and it flowered well earlier in the year.Any ideas?.
Deciduous Magnolias: I would hope that the rather extreme weather conditions,that have been prevalent this year,are more likely to have had an effect on the leaves rather than something like verticillium wilt,or some other root infection.Unless you have actually seen any insect infestation on the leaves I think we can also rule them out.I would try a good acid mulch around the base now and check the undersides of the leaves for scale insects during the next growing season,as it is a bit early to say exactly what the cause is.Please contact us again if it starts to happen next year although I feel it is unlikely. For More information:
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