Worms And Worm Casts Control On Lawns.

Worm casts are small mounds of soil that are pushed up onto the surface of a lawn by earthworms. They are caused by the digestive process of earthworms, which involves the mixing of soil and organic matter in their gut. As the earthworms move through the soil, they deposit these casts onto the surface.

While worm casts are a sign of healthy soil and can be beneficial to the lawn, they can also cause problems. The mounds of soil can make the lawn uneven and unsightly, and they can create a spongy surface that makes mowing difficult.

There are several ways to control worm casts on lawns:

  1. Physical removal: You can remove the worm casts by hand or with a rake. This is a labor-intensive method, but it is effective in removing the mounds of soil.
  2. Lawn sand: Lawn sand is a mixture of sand and iron sulfate, which is applied to the lawn. The sand helps to improve drainage, while the iron sulfate helps to deter earthworms from surfacing.
  3. Chemical control: There are several chemical products available that can be applied to the lawn to control earthworms. However, it is important to use these products carefully, as they can be harmful to other organisms in the soil.
  4. Soil improvement: Improving the quality of the soil can help to reduce the number of earthworms and the amount of worm casts. This can be done by adding organic matter to the soil, improving drainage, and reducing compaction.

Overall, controlling worm casts on lawns requires a combination of methods, including physical removal, lawn sand, chemical control, and soil improvement. It is important to choose the most appropriate method for your lawn and to use it carefully to avoid harming other organisms in the soil.