Chamomile Lawn.

Chamaemelum nobile dwarf seed is a strain of a very dwarf compact spreading form of chamomile – not to be confused with the taller growing herbal varieties of chamomile.Having said that it will need a light trim four or five times a year,especially should it start to flower.

Once established it thrives in hot sunny positions.Ideal for sunbathing on since as you turn you will bruise the plants and thus release a soothing tincture of their healing natural juices – caution though, their medicinal vapours may send you into a soothing sleep!

Plant from April to early September.
Plant 9” x 9” apart – that’s 20 plants per square metre to metric people (or you can divide up our chunky plug plants and grow on in small pots before planting out).
Thrives in a nutritious,well drained,soil.Never plant in waterlogged situations.
(not suitable for areas where dogs may fowl as their ‘mess’ will kill it where it falls!)