Coffee Plant Going Brown At The Edges.

Coffee plant your best bet to stop it going brown at the edges is to mist it with warm lime free water (so as to prevent leaf staining). It sounds like it has been in too dry an atmosphere and that is why the leaf margins have dried up. Otherwise it loves a temperature range between 16 and 29 degrees C, high humidity, does best in brigh indirect sunlight, coming from East or West. Ideally it wants a soil that is well aerated and yet retains moisture. When watering use warm water. Feed weekly with a lime free fertiliser and do not feed in winter. I generally stick to feeding from March to September. Leaves can be wiped with a damp cloth to dust it. To improve humidity you could place it on a gravel tray, so that it is not sitting in water but so that the air around it is moister.Repot as necessary in the spring.