Damaged And Wilting Tree Ferns.

Quite a few people are concerned about their tree ferns, with fronds that have lost colour and become blackened or are curled and brown. Because of the particularly cold winter we’ve just had, it is likely that these ferns have been ice and frost damaged, and if the plants have not been able to dry out sufficiently, they may have been attacked by a fungus

Scrape out the mushy areas – but not too vigorously as you need to protect new and tender growth – and then try sprinkling the plant lightly with sulphur powder, which you can get from a chemist or a garden centre. It will take about three weeks to see if the fern has recovered

If a tree fern is wilting or has damaged fronds, it may be a sign of a problem with the tree fern’s growing conditions. Some common causes of wilting or damage in tree ferns include:

  • Overwatering: Tree ferns do not like to be in constantly wet soil, which can lead to root rot. If the soil is consistently wet and the tree fern is wilting, it may be a sign that it is being overwatered.
  • Underwatering: Conversely, if the soil is dry and the tree fern is wilting, it may be a sign that it is not getting enough water.
  • Lack of humidity: Tree ferns prefer a humid environment. If the air is too dry, the fronds may become damaged or wilted.
  • Pests or disease: Wilting or damaged fronds can also be a sign of an infestation of pests or a fungal or bacterial disease.
  • Exposure to sun: Tree ferns prefer a semi-shaded area, if put under direct sunlight for too long, it can cause the fronds to dry out and turn brown.

To troubleshoot the problem, check the tree fern’s growing conditions and make sure that it is getting the proper amount of water, humidity, and light. If the problem persists, consider consulting with an expert, such as a local nursery or gardening centre.