How To Get Your Lawn To Recover After A Hot Dry Summer.

Most lawns will recover after a hot summer with little or no water,but there are several tasks you can carry out that will help them to recover much faster in the autumn.

The main problem is that when the rain starts again the ground is normally hard and the water will not soak in where it is needed at the roots.Two tasks that can be carried out to help the water soak in is firstly, to apply 10 drops of household washing up liquid (the type used for washing dishes) into two gallons of water.Water the lawn lightly just before you water with a hose or just before rain. The washing up liquid helps break the surface tension of the water droplets and helps the water to soak into dry ground.

Secondly, once the rain returns it is a good idea,to start lightly spiking your lawn with a garden fork to help the water soak into the ground this also helps the grass to re-establish the root zone.

Liquid feeding the lawn is another task that can help produce a quick greening up of the lawn as the conditions improve.This is best carried out with an organic liquid plant food such as one created from seaweed extract.

If your lawn has taken a real beating with the weather,or use, over the summer another option is to over seed in the autumn as this will produce fresh green shoots within 10 to 20 days.

Finally, keep an eye on the soil’s pH, although lawns like a slightly acid soil, soils that are too acid, below pH 5.5, can hinder any recovery by slowing growth.If your soils pH is too much on the acid side then a dressing of garden lime in the winter should solve this.

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