Transferring Hydrangea To A Pot.

When moving Hydrangeas to a pot they are many things you need to consider. Hare at GardenAdvice here are a few tips we recommend for persons attempting to move their Hydrangeas.

Firstly, because you are restricting the plant to a pot, one should use a fairly rich free-draining compost, something like JI No.2 with the possible addition of extra organic matter like leaf mould. It is a bit of a balancing act, because if you give them too rich an environment they will put on a lot of growth and no flowers. Give the plant plenty of water from March to October

Remember, you can determine the colour of some varieties by using an acid compost to produce blue blooms, and alkaline for pink.

The Vine Weevil is always a threat with any potted plants these days but because you are using a loam based compost you are less likely to have trouble.

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