Non Fruiting Grape Vine.

There are a couple of main reasons why grapes fail to fruit. The first is a lack of fruiting spurs where the fruits are produced from.This is normally due to a plant being to young or being pruned back to hard during the winter or dormant months.Ideally the plant should be allowed to grow into a framework and pruning should be used to control the growth produced in the summer,pruning these stems back to leave 100mm of shoot of the main stems and not pruning then back right up to the main stems.
The second most common reason for for a non fruiting grape vine is lack of nutrients mainly potash or to many nutrients in the form of nitrogen. Normally once a plant does not fruit the owner will start to feed often resulting in a vine that only produces leaf and stem.
A liquid feed containing a high potash content at the start of the season combined with a mulching around the base of a organic compost such as well rotted Horse manure or farm yard manure is normally all that’s needed to produce a good crop of grapes.
The requirement for any other nutrient such as trace element such as iron can be spotted in the leaves as a general paleness or lighter margins.

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