The Truth About Tomatoes.

Tomato Time – Do your tomatoes grow Early or Late?Not to worry this is natural in tomatoes which come in two growth types,type one is called determinate.Determinates have vines that grow to a ‘determined’point and stop, making them compact and bushy.They grow to about 4 ft high and put out flowers and fruit all at one time.Type two is called Indeterminate,this type is a good bet for a later fruit.Indeterminates are more viney and continue growing upward producing flowers along the way and later fruit.The growth tip of indeterminates is right at the top and gradually snipping that off allows the plant to focus on the business of ripening the tomatoes.This method will allow the plant to get plenty sun and circulation to the fruit without worrying that it will affect or drain the fruit as tomatoes are forgiving.

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