Tree Planting On Compacted Soil.

Soil preparation is one of the most important elements where tree planting is concerned.This is because the tree can be in the same spot for a number of years.Firstly dig a large pit and break up the base with a fork or in extreme cases using a long handled pick. Remove any larger stones over 100 mm and add some well rotted organic mater such as farmyard manure or garden compost. Make sure its not to fresh as this will burn the roots on the tree.

Next fork or break up the sides of the holes, so that you are not just creating a pond by digging the tree planting pit when it rains.Breaking up the sides will enable the water to drain away.
Next mix some of the organic matter into the soil for backfilling when planting the tree.Often its recommended that you should add plant food to the back fill soil,however this can stop the roots from growing outside the tree planting pit and as the tree grows this makes it unstable and liable to damage in high winds.Plan to add some feed around the base of the tree after 12 months.

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