Yarrow In My Lawn.

How can I remove Yarrow from my lawn?
Once established in your lawn Yarrow is (Achillea Millefolium) is a very difficult weed to control.It normally invades a lawn when it is weak through excessive use,or a stressful period for the lawn, for example,in a drought.
Firstly,maintaining your lawn correctly will help i.e feeding at the correct time and keeping thatch levels to acceptable limits.Chemical solution is the best way to remove yarrow from a lawn, it is a resistant plant and is best treated with 2,4-D,plus mecoprop-P or dicamba.To gain maximum effect from a chemical application, use when the grass is growing at its fastest in May and June.If the weather is dry, then water a few days before to help the Yarrow to become active in its growth.You are best to apply the chemical three days after you have cut the lawn and do not cut again until three days after.Apply early in the morning on a dry day,as this gives the chemical the whole day to enter the Yarrow plant.
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