Young Grape Vine Care.

A grape vine usually takes a couple of years to establish. At this stage it will not produce much fruit it normally takes about 3 to 4 seasons to get going fully.

To get started,you need to feed the canes with a high potash feed ideally a liquid feed that’s used for feeding Tomato plants.This will encouage the production of more fruiting spurs.At the end of each year however, you will need to prune these fruiting spurs to build the plants structure and to help with the production grapes every year.Ideally as the branches grow,tie them in sideways or overhead if its been planted on a pergola or in a glasshouse. This will encourage more grapes to grow.

Watering is going to be key, especially as the grapes form,they need a steady flow of moisture from the soil.Not to wet, not to dry,so you need to water little and often.In relation to the soil this is why its a good idea to add some organic mater to the soil every autumn such as well rotted garden compost or well rotted animal manure.

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