Plants For A Waterlogged Garden.

Plants suitable for a waterlogged garden here are a few plant suggestions:-

Carpinus betulus,Populus,Salix,Cornus,Sambucus,Pyrus,Quercus robur,Taxodium distichum and Populus Alnus.

The willow (Salix) in particular is good on wet soils and there are loads of different ones to choose from, many having good bark colour.

If your soil is very waterlogged, you can establish plants on mounds so that their roots don’t get too wet. Apart from aquatic plants and Taxodium which produces roots that stick out few land plants like to be submersed in water on a permanent basis.

It may also be worth looking at our section on drainage.

Herbaceous perennials for moist areas are the native flag iris, Iris ensata, Iris kaempferi, Ligularia and Primula