Vine Weevils.

The Vine Weevil is a pest that infests a wide range of ornamental plants and fruits both indoors and outdoors. It is one of the most common and destructive garden pest.Containerisation however seems to be the main cause of this insect pest.

Adult weevils eat plant leaves during Spring and Summer but the grubs however are what cause the most damage over Autumn and Winter when they feed on the roots causing wilting and often plant death.

Here at GardenAdvice we recommend a number of methods to decrease if not alleviate these infestations in your garden.Gardeners could consider such methods as trapping adults with sticky barriers using Insect Barrier Glue around pots and greenhouse staging.Using biological methods such as ‘nematodes’ could also be an option to control this pest as well as practising exceptional hygiene can all be effective ways to eradicate these destructive pest.

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