Fruit tree pruning service

This coming autumn and winter we be pruning our members and viewers fruit tree as we have done for the last 3 years

Renovating old fruit trees and bushes has become a bit of a specialty of the GardenAdvice team over the last few years. 

The UK and Ireland are full of old fruiting trees grown in the later victorian period and the early 70s when growing your own fruit was very popular. A lot of these older tree are from varieties no longer grown by the nurserymen and so not stocked at your local garden centre. 

The key often is in two stages, the initial pruning and feeding making sure you do not remove any more than a third of the tree or shrub on the first prune. Then following up by thinning out the new shoots are they grow in the spring. Feeding although not complicated is also a key element in restoring an old fruit tree of shrub. 

Many of the owners of best unnamed or forgotten fruit trees and brushes have been kind enough to provide us will some cuttings for our own orchard and fruit growing. 

Fruit Tree Pruning – £45 to £35 per tree or bush