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GardenAdvice Small flower border and small garden project design service


Garden Border Design Part of our MyGardenTeam service

This is a service is a free service available to our MyGardenTeam members or if you are not a member the cost is £65 for a flower border or small garden project design.




Email us at admin@gardenadvice.co.uk with some pictures of the garden border or the area you are planing to develop your garden border or some pictures of your small garden project togther with your name and address and telephone number. Plus if you think it might be helpful a sketch of the size of the area. Details of a design sheet can be found below.


We will email you back a short questionnaire plus we might need to phone you
Once we have all the pictures we require along with your notes from the plus we might need to phone you

Once we have all the pictures we require along with your notes from the questionnaire we will create for you
A planting plan

Some notes on how to create your border or garden project
A quote for the supply of the plants if you wish us to supply the plants
And an invoice for the design or project for £65

You can set the paid invoice amount against any further purchases for GardenAdvice for plants, courses and services such as the MyGardenTeam service within 2 years of the invoice date



This is a service is a free service only available to our MyGardenTeam members or £65 for non members




Instructions for our border design service measuring the area of your border or small garden project


  1. Produce a sketch plan or download the design sheet from the foot of this section or produce a sketch on a sheet of A4 paper.
  2. Provide as much information as possible about the area you wish to have designed. It would be useful if you could provide the following information:
    1. Soil type [if you are not sure we will send you a free soil testing service kit for you to provide a soil sample]
    2. Site aspects ie shady, sunny, windy, near the sea
    3. Is the proposed border site very wet in winter?
  3. We will need an idea of the style of border you wish to have designed ie. cottage style, winter colour, shrub border or may even an annual border
  4. Any plants you would like to include
  5. Pictures: It is a great help if you could provide any pictures showing the existing or proposed area for the border, or images that you might have showing borders you have seen in the past you wish us to recreate in your border design. Your pictures will be returned.
  6. Ensure we have your name and detailson the plan including a telephone number just in case our garden designers have any questions, together with a scale key for example 3cm to 1 metre.
  7. Email it back to us a admin@gardenadvice.co.uk 

Download and View design sheet. 



MyGardenTeam Membership - £145 per anum ( Currently on Lockdown )

  • Your own personal online garden expert to help you with your gardening projects and plans by visit, phone and email
  • Online garden log to keep all your notes and a record of the progress of your garden.
  • Online calendars created by your garden expert including pruning dates, vegetable sowing times, pest alerts etc also includes unlimted email and/or sms/text alerts
  • Estimating service included up to 5 hours every 6 months
  • Garden advisor visit in your own garden .
  • Free lawn care up to 75 square metres of lawn 
  • Garden design and Landscaping service 
  • Free soil tests 
  • One day gardening course included in the MyGardenTeam membership plus 50 percent off a further 5 of our one day gardening courses

Many Thanks

The GardenAdvice Team




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