Find out how GardenAdvice can help you in your garden this year

GardenAdvice Beginner Courses:

One day gardening courses carried out in your garden by a GardenAdvice gardening expert. We come to you and carry out the course in your own garden on a date to suit you.

If you are new to gardening it’s difficult to understand where to start with all the Latin plant names, different types of soils and different species of plants needing a range of growing conditions and environments.

In response to this need and with feedback from our members and viewers the GardenAdvice Team have created a number of gardening courses especially created for the new and beginner gardener. The aim of the GardenAdvice gardening courses is to provide you with a basic knowledge of gardening including garden design, planting design, pruning and organic pests and disease control plus any other gardening subjects you need to be covered.

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GardenAdvice Courses:

Gardening courses near you – we hold our one day gardening courses all over the UK in your own garden . With regards to dates for your GardenAdvice gardening course most dates are available within a 10 day period for ordering or you can plan ahead and organise a date in the future. 

As well as weekdays our courses are available weekends and bank holidays as well. 

All the GardenAdvice courses are available in the following formats.

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MyGardenTeam service:

This service provides additional visits and online calendars and other benefits such as the MyGardenTeam plant swap.

The MyGardenTeam service from GardenAdvice teams you up with your own expert gardener on the GardenAdvice staff to help you plan and develop your garden, together you will save time and money whilst developing your ideal garden. 

The MyGardenTeam service starts with an initial visit, we find out how you wish to develop your garden. Most people have an idea of the style of the garden they wish to develop and a set of requirements such as a garden that’s easy to maintain, more summer colour and a garden suitable for pets or children.

During the initial visit, we will answer the questions you have, for example on punning and weeding. After the initial visit, you will receive a garden report and planting suggestions. This report sets the objectives for your garden over the next 12 months.

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Gardening Advice:

This section of the web site allows you access to expert help on gardening matters for a yearly fee of £10 per year or £25 per year for our GardenAdvice online plus service for as many questions as you need to ask.
The GardenAdvice advisors have vast range of knowledge and practical experience on a wide range of garden and garden related subjects.

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