Garden Design

The MyGardenTeam service from GardenAdvice is designed to help you design a garden by teaming you up with one of our expert gardeners so together you can create a garden that truly becomes your garden because of your input.

You might be renovating an established garden or creating a new garden in a newly built house. The GardenAdvice gardeners have vast experience in helping you achieve the garden design perfect for you.

Once we have created you garden design we start work creating a plan for pruning, feeding and reshaping or establishing a new garden using our MyGardenTeam membership that will keep you up to date on when to feed and prune your plants. Plus when you are not quite sure how to prune your perfect apple or rose we will be available to come and she you the finer points of pruning by your side. 

If you require a traditional garden design service we have a stand along garden design service click here for more details.