MyGardenTeam Gardening Gift Vouchers

That mind numbing question, sprouting perennially in mid-winter and scattered like seed across the rest of the year, that impossible question: what shall I get? Come Christmas and birthdays it’s a regular trauma to the brain’s decision making process.

Here at we offer a number of advisory services, year round help and gardening courses that are perfect as a Christmas or birthday present for all your green-fingered family and friends.  

MyGardenTeam Membership – £175  With a MyGardenTeam membership the person you buy the present for will get an actual team of expert gardeners giving you advice, via phone and e-mail, specifically tailored to their gardening needs all year round.Your team of experts will help the wannabe gardener get started from scratch, reinvigorate the wayward gardener who has slumped into neglect or aid the gardener who finds themselves too busy to plan for their garden as well.As well as unlimited access to the team’s expertise My Garden Team membership also includes an online log for notes, an personalised online calendar with the years sowing, planting, thinning and harvesting times and unlimited e-mail or text alerts to ensure an important date in the gardening year is never missed. This also includes other multimedia guides and help.From designing a garden’s layout, planning vegetable patches and planting schemes, to aiding with in depth knowledge of soil types, local weather patterns and pest control not a stone will be left unturned in striving for each individual’s perfect garden.MyGardenTeam – £175

As well as all the services of My Garden Team membership, by selecting My Garden Team-Plus your loved one also gets a personal visit by an expert member of their team to see the garden in the flesh, or a place on a one day gardening course. This £40 upgrade gives a discount on the normal prices for an advisor’s visit and gardening courses.

Garden Advisor Visiting Service – £85 to £100

If the modern multimedia approach is too impersonal or technological for your friend or family member at we can provide a real bodily expert, in gardening gloves and thick trousers, to get on their hands and knees and actually show them what to do.

Specific advice can be sought on all manner of gardening subjects from lawns and landscaping to plants and pests, the limit is only in what the garden contains.

Visits last from between 1 and 2 hours and are concluded by a full written report within 3 days of the visit. Soil sample requests can also be made of the advisor, but may take between 10 and 12 days to show results. Visits can normally be arranged within 14 days of the request and at a time convenient for the gardener. Note that prices depend on the area in which the garden is located; a quote can be requested.

Gardening Day Courses – £225

Man once had an intimate connection with nature, he grew up amongst it and survived on it. These days we enclose ourselves behind glass windows and admire its beauty, we rely on the expertise of others for sustenance and in consequence most adults now need teaching how to garden, should they so desire.
For the novice, the green gardener, we provide a one day course that covers all the basics and gives the confidence to begin tackling the wild things that grow from the soil behind the house.

We bypass the confusing Latin and the gardening terminology and simply get people’s hands dirty. Planting, pruning, watering, feeding, digging methods, lawn maintenance, growing organic vegetables: all these are and more are covered and, upon completion of the course, a perfectly competent garden walks out ready to make things grow.

This is the perfect present for anyone, and there are plenty of them, who sits with a cup of tea and watches gardening programmes and the live flower show broadcasts and sighs that they wish they could do that. is here to show them that they can, they just need to realise how easy it is to get started. Conversely there are also plenty of gardeners who cut the wrong stems, plant the wrong plants and whose lawn is going yellow, bless them, they try. But they will never get anywhere without us to show them how.