Getting started with MyGardenTeam

MyGardenTeam Whats it all about – getting started

flowers5MyGardenteam –  its a simple idea that provides you with a personal gardening expert on the Garden Advice team to help you plan and carry out your gardening projects over the Internet, by telephone and email plus at an additional charge, we can help in person in your garden if you need a extra helping hand to get a project started, maybe a new garden border or lawn etc.
This online element of the service provides you with access to your gardening calendars and notes created by your MyGardenTeam gardening expert.  You can also create your own notes and upload your own gardening pictures by signing in to this part of the service.

Getting started with your MyGardenTeam service            
flower3Getting started with My Garden team is easy  simply follow this link below to create an appointment for your MyGardenTeam Advisor to contact you by telephone.
Your MyGardenTeam advisor will explain the service to your and get you started and if you have signed up for the MyGardenTeam Plus service organise a date and time to carry out a garden advisor visit which is part of the MyGardenTeam plus service.
Create your own content on the MyGardenTeam platform
flower1MyGardenteam –  its easy to create a diary or record for your garden as your gardening projects progress with the help of your MyGardenTeam advisor. Simply log in on the right hand side of this page with the details emailed to you when the service was set up  and you can create new posts and upload your photos.
For additional information on creating posts and uploading photos as well as videos and other content about your garden projects click on the user guide link on the right hand side of this page. The user guide contains lots of useful tips and how to videos to show you how to do this.
Alternatively if you can email your MyGardenTeam garden advisor with your photos and text and they will be happy to create the content for you to produce a record of the progress you have made creating your garden.

Useful features in the MyGardenTeam service                      

 flower4MyGardenTeam has lots of great features to help you with your garden such as the online calendar updated by your MyGardenTeam garden advisor keep you up to date with when to feed and prune your plants and sow vegetable seeds etc. The calendar can also be linked to an alert service by email or SMS message at no additional charge. MyGardenTeam services include and estimating service to help you order plants and landscaping materials at the best prices to save you time and money.

Other MyGardenTeam members creating  gardens with the service
flower6You can follow other MyGardenTeam members progress on garden projects on the
To keep your friends updated with whats going on in your garden you can link your online MyGardenTeam service to your existing Twitter and Facebook  pages and post content to these services  automatically.
To get started, Go to your site admin and log in with your username and password which will have been emailed when your MyGardenTeam  service was set up.