Camelia’s need lots of potash feed to keep them flowering

MyGardenTeamIt’s your very own gardening expert available to give you advice and assistance by telephone, email and garden visits* on developing your garden for just £175 per year

It’s a simple idea that provides you with your own gardening expert in the form of a personal gardening assistant online and in your garden.

A real live fully trained gardener to give you advice on your gardening questions and projects and if you need it a helping hand to get you started or to rescue a gardening project that’s gone slightly stray. Our expert team will assist you online, over the phone and in person, to create your perfect garden and outdoor living space.

Our MyGardenTeam service includes

  • An initial visit by your own expert gardener on the MyGardenTeam service
  • A planting and pruning calendar is created for you by your own expert gardener 
  • A personalised landscaping plan or planting plan if required.
  • We will even find you locally sourced materials at the best possible price.
  • Our autumn winter plant swap service, allows you to swap your plants with the other members of the MyGardenTeam.
  • Our twice annual lawn service which includes scarification, spiking and a spring and autumn feed for 75 square metres included in the cost.
  • Garden Visits -The MyGardenTeam service from starts with an initial garden visit from one of our gardening experts and additional garden visits are available as required
  • The MyGardenTeam additional visits for members are available free of charge if the visit is under 30 minutes or over 30 mins a written quotation will be provided. 
  • Online section for easy access to all the notes and alert on pruning and feeding your MyGardenTeam gardener has created for you 
  • SMS ( text message ) and Email alerts. As part of the MyGardenTeam service, we will send you alerts by SMS and emails. These alerts relate to tasks you might wish to undertake with regards to items such as pruning and feeding your plants plus alerts about taking action to help prevent pest and diseases. 

For further information email us at with some details about your garden or give us a ring on 01225 637218  for further details.