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"Hartley Glasshouses simple classical designs built with sheer craftsmanship"

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Hartley Botanic Glasshouses

The simple classical designs hide the sheer craftsmanship in a Hartley glasshouse wether it is an off the peg or a bespoke model.
Although expensive compared to other glasshouses they are build to last the life time of a garden. Year on year they are the most cost effective investment you will ever make in your gardening pleasure.
In 1945 Vincent Hartley conceived, designed and built the first of Hartley Botanic semi-dodecagon greenhouses, an extremely robust arch-like structure in aluminum alloy extrusion, the greenhouse was entirely without internal support and offered the optimum glass area.

This structure remains Hartleys best-selling greenhouse to date. The Hartley range of greenhouses are built for the keen leisure gardener, they are specifically designed to meet the lifelong needs of serious enthusiasts with small and medium-sized gardens.

Sitting neatly on a firm base that is easy to prepare, the greenhouses provide glass to the ground for the optimum utilisation of ground space. Light yet very strong, and structurally engineered to cope with the severest weather conditions. The Hartley range of greenhouses has a curved inner space that creates maximum head height and working area, within a very compact structure.

The Hartley range of greenhouses offers free standing models with different widths and ridge heights to suit your individual requirements, plus a lean to model of the classic greenhouse is available.

For further information contact a gardenadvice advisor by email.

or contact the supplier direct:- www.hartley-botanic.co.uk





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