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Barbour Clothing

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Barbour is dedicated to the highest levels of customer service. An important element of this commitment is our comprehensive reproofing, alteration and repair service.

All our jackets are manufactured to the highest standards, crafted to last a lifetime. But even a Barbour can eventually become worn in areas of constant abrasion, such as pocket edges, cuffs and elbows.

If your Barbour should ever need to be seen by our professional customer services team, it could not be easier to ensure the jacket that has stood by you through thick and thin gets the attention it deserves. Simply return it to your authorised dealer, who will arrange for it to be repaired, reproofed or altered as required.


With regular maintenance, however, a Barbour waxed jacket should give you many years of service. Reproofing waxed jackets will increase the garment's lifespan and ensure it retains its waterproof qualities. Inside the right-hand pocket of all new jackets you will find a Care and After Sales Booklet offering you expert advice on the care of your Barbour. The booklet also gives guidelines on how often we would advise reproofing your Barbour Thornproof jacket.

For further information contact a gardenadvice advisor by email.

Contact the supplier direct www.outdoorandcountry.co.uk





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