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David Harber Sundials

David Harper Sundials

Registered with the British Sundial Society as a meker and restorer of dials, David Harber has been a major force in the recent revival of interest in sundials. Working out of his workshop in Henley-on-Thames, David has, over the last five years, developed a reputation as a sundial maker of extraordinary skill and imagination, bringing an innovative approach to the creation of both classical and contemporary sundials.

David creates sundials and sundial sculpture out of brass, bronze, glass, gold, copper, marble and slate. Indeed, any object can form a sundial and, with his knowledge and understanding of materials, David delights in producing dials to suit the tastes and requirements of every client.

David has produced and installed various dials for clients ranging from Chicago banks to Oxford Colleges as well as private gardens in Britain, Europe and the United States.


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