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Terracotta Garden Pots

Jonathan Garratt

Jonathan Garratt woodfired pots for home and garden.....

A distinctive collection of frostproof garden pots and glazed earthenware.....

Jonathan Garratt makes terracotta garden pots by hand on the eastern edge of Cranborne Chase in Dorset, using clay from a local pit and firing the big round wood kiln he built in 1986, eight times a year.

Woodfiring earthenware was once common all over Europe, but is now extremely rare. Its great merit is the beautiful effects it produces on the finished ware. A typical kiln load will hold pots ranging from orange, through warm red to brown and purple/black, depending on the heat. These subtle colourings mean that many of the pots look instantly antique and mellow, in contrast to the vast majority of terracotta available elsewhere.


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