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Bold Stone Sculpture

Bold Stone Sculpture

Individually designed and sculpted works using reconstructed stone in single moulds. No two sculptures are exactly the same. Concepts can be repeated and design themes developed from sketeches to suit your needs for interior and exteriror architectural spaces or landscape environments.

Sculptures and unit sizes can be built to your specifications. The Chelsea Flower Show piece, 'Moon and Wave' of May 1998 was cast as a single unit and is 2.5metres high by 1 metre width. Sizes can vary from small 'tiles' of 15cm x 15cm, 30cm x 30cm to larger 55cm x 55cm and longer strips of 15cm x 90cm etc. and any other proportion. There are many possibilities for designs and for the shape and size of units. The sculptures can either be hung or set into walls or used as paving.

All sculptures lend themselves to water features for the wall or on the ground as runnels or rills or in the garden as water catchments and birdbaths and these can be designed and made to your specifications.

The blocks can also be used as detail pieces for paving and tile work.


For further information contact a gardenadvice advisor by email.

Contact the supplier direct www.boldstonesculpture.co.uk





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