Young gardeners project – Growing sunflowers

Young Gardeners Sunflower Competition

Get a head start in the GardenAdvice great sunflower competition with this step-by-step guide to sowing sunflowers. 

  • First, take a three-inch plant pot and fill it with potting compost, making sure the compost is reasonably firm within the pot. The compost will need to be moist before you put it in the pot, compost is usually dry, and it is a good idea to mix it with some water before use.
  • The next stage is to take one seed and push it into the compost in the middle of the pot, leaving about 1cm between the top of the seed and the top of the pot. Once you have done this, you can add a small amount of additional compost to cover the seed.
  • Once you have completed these two steps, you will need to give the pots a good watering to settle the compost around the seed and remove any air pockets in the compost. When watering your seed, you should be careful not to disturb it as it germinates. Once you have sown the seed, a good place to put them is on a windowsill, where they can get light and heat. The germination should take about 14 days. Look out for the next stage in this series about growing sunflowers.

Don’t forget to claim your free sunflower seeds we have 250 packs of sunflower seeds to give away ! just send us an email with your name and address and we will post the seeds out to you.

Prize for the best sunflower picture, drawing or painting as judged by the GardenAdvice team at the end of September 2024

The winner can claim one main prize a weekend trip to Legoland Windsor UK, with weekend accommodation for two adults and two children at Premier Inn Slough Central South (Windsor Road) included.

The best photo, handmade drawing or painting of your sunflower as judged by the GardenAdvice sent in by 15th August to the 15th September 2024 will determine the winner. The runner up will win a weekend break for two adults and two children with accommodation at a Premier Inn in the UK included.

To send entries of drawings and paintings scan or photograph and email to


The GardenAdvice sunflower competition is an event that invites participants under 16 years old to submit their best drawings, paintings, or photographs of sunflowers for a chance to win the competition. Email us your name and address at with the pictures of your sunflowers between the 15th August 2024 to the 15th September 2024


The cash value of the winner’s and runner’s up prizes are £100. Limited to three entries per household. ( if you wish to enter more than 3 entries i.e a school etc Please email us ) By sending in any pictures or images of drawings/paintings, you give GardenAdvice permission to post these pictures on our website and/or social media.