Seeds for Bees 2024

The “Seeds For Bees” initiative by GardenAdvice for 2024 aims to support bee populations by distributing 1000 packs of seeds to create food and shelter for bees. Participants are encouraged to sow five packets in their gardens, with a variety of seeds offered including Foxglove, Campanula persicifolia Blue, Verbascum bombyciferum, Hardy geranium, and Snapdragon. The project is supported by GardenAdvice’s MyGardenTeam service, which provides guidance on sowing and growing the seeds. Non-members can claim seeds until May 15, 2024, while MyGardenTeam members should contact their GardenAdvice garden advisor for seeds. ( Scheme update April 2024 )

The benefits of planting flowers for bees in gardens are manifold. Flowers not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a garden but also play a crucial role in supporting the local bee population. By providing a diverse range of flowers, gardeners can offer bees a variety of nectar and pollen sources. This is essential for the health and sustainability of bee colonies, as bees rely on these resources for nutrition. 

Moreover, a bee-friendly garden contributes to the overall health of the ecosystem, aiding in the pollination of plants and the production of fruits and vegetables. In essence, planting flowers for bees not only beautifies a garden but also fosters a healthier and more biodiverse environment.

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