GardenAdvice basic soil test


GardenAdvice Basic soil test
Testing for P, K, Mg, pH, Lime Req.




GardenAdvice Basic Soil Test
Testing for P, K, Mg, pH, Lime Req.
A quick soil test to point you in the right direction with regards to how to feed and maintain your soil in relation to different crops and flower borders in your garden.
Every test comes with a report and recommendations from an expert GardenAdvice Advisor
£25 per sample area

Once purchased we will send you a prepaid envelope and sample bags to collect your soil sample or samples

We have a range of other soil test for Heavy Metals in Contaminated Soils and organic mater etc. For advice on which soil test is best for your requirements telephone the GardenAdvice team on 01225 637218 or send us an email for more details at


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