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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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Contribute To GardenAdvice With Your Gardening Knowledge


We are always on the look out for good gardening information. In each of our 'How to' sections we have an area for articles written by our members. If you have some gardening tips or knowledge you wish to share with us or a gardening project or technique we would like to hear from you.


We cannot promise to include all your submissions however we will endeavour to include as many as we can. If we feel the information you provide is something we do not have on our main GardenAdvice.co.uk web site, we will consider including the information and paying you in line with our standard writers fees.


To contribute a garden tip or article, go to " members section" and on the 'how to' section, download the Microsoft word form and return it to :- subeditor@gardenadvice.co.uk or if you are a member already download the members contributors form - Click here



Help the GardenAdvice Team with a Spring gardening project for 2017


Help in the garden advice team produce content for our website and information from members and viewers. Help in the GardenAdvice team produce content for our website and information from members and viewers.

In the spring of 2017 we are looking to produce a number of gardens and garden projects with our members and viewers to help us create some new content for our website.

We are looking for gardens and garden projects to develop in the following areas

  • Country style gardens

  • City garden

  • Wildlife garden

  • Newly planted borders

In return for allowing the GardenAdvice team to use the content from your garden development or project in the form of pictures and text we will help you develop your garden providing you with the labour for free you just pay for the materials involved in creating your garden or garden project.

GardenAdvice Bee Project

We have restarted the GardenAdvice Bees scheme for 2017 - sign up and receive some free plants to create a mini reserve for bee and other pollinating insects in your garden.

In exchange for the plants if you could simply report when you see bees and other insects feeding on the flowers. We are currently developing a mobile app which will be available at the end of March to make the reporting easy and quick to do. Your reporting on the scheme about the bees other insects feeding times and which flowers they feed on the will enable us to cross reference with our data on local temperatures, light levels and weather conditions to build as clear picture of bee and other insects pollinating feeding habits.

The plants for bees scheme is designed to create 10,000 bee friendly gardens mainly in the UK with the main purpose to provide a range of plants that provide your garden bees with a reliable food source especially in the spring and early summer. GardenAdvice.co.uk own research tends to suggest that climate changes in relation to temperature and light levels is causing many flowering plants to either flower later or earlier than the bees expect in the annual cycle they work to starting in spring. This lack of food at certain times has made the bees more susceptible to disease and illness. In simple terms the bees spring activity is triggered by light and temperature levels in relation to food from flowers which is normally available but climate change often means that this food from flowering plants is not available. 
Sign for our Bee Project today with our facebook page and sign up form 













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